SONGWRITING CHALLENGE Song Title Announcement!

OK all you songwriters, here’s the challenge! You have 30 days to write a song to this title

“Fire and Flame”

We’ve got 30 days! Let’s get busy!!
Scroll down for information about Music Industry Weekend 2013 and register soon!


Darrell Elmer Rodgers – Coordinator, Music Industry Weekend
Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist

2013 Music Industry Weekend is on the way!


I have been working on our agenda for the upcoming Music Industry Weekend (Oct 24-27) and conferring with several of our main presenters. While we are still working out the details, I want to share with you our there:

“Fanning the Fire of Action through Music!”

This weekend is being designed as a pragmatic aid to our younger musicians of service in the wake of the 95+ Youth Conferences happening around the globe.

We thought “Who better to keep the fires burning in the hearts of the youth than those Baha’i musicians who attended!”

And to that end, we determined that the skill sets of greatest immediate importance are those that improve CONTENT and DELIVERY!

Robert Gillies from Scotland, by way of Boston, performs one of his excellent tunes.

Robert Gillies from Scotland, by way of Boston, performs one of his excellent tunes.

So I am pleased to announce that Mr Robert Gillies, award-winning, internationally recognized songwriter and performer will be presenting workshops on SONGWRITING.  Robert, who has a degree in Songwriting from Berklee College of Music,  is a true professional and his sessions last year were deeply appreciated by all who attended.

To make the event even more exciting, we will issue a SONGWRITER’S CHALLENGE on September 24th giving those who accept the challenge, 30 days to write a song with the title we will announce. So, watch this space and the Baha’i Musicians Group International on Facebook, for the song title on 24 September.  On Friday of our Music Industry Weekend, we will all share our new songs of the same name. This will be huge fun.

So, that’s content. But what about Delivery?  TREAT NUMBER 2: We have a “coalition of forces” coming together to present PERFORMANCE and stage presence techniques that help you engage and inspire your audience. This is an art unto itself and no one is better at audience engagement than Mr. Chuck Thrapp of the group “Sugar Pine”

Chuck Thrapp performs his "In-Law Blues"

Chuck Thrapp performs his “In-Law Blues”

which has for 30 years been thrilling audiences of diverse background in the Yosemite area.  Chuck will be joined by veteran performer Mr. Alan James, whom many of you know as a tough task master of stage presence tune-ups. And Yes, Alan will be providing those workshop sessions as well to give you personal attention.  And just to make it fun, Robert and I will join the performance presentation team. Between the four of us, we feel confident we can help you light fires in the hearts in your audience.

And just to sweeten the appeal, we will also have Mr. Russ Salton with us again this year and he’s bringing his recording equipment. This is an opportunity to get a track recorded by a man who knows what he’s doing.  Russ works very hard each time he brings his studio to Bosch but he says its a labor of love.

There’s more coming, so stay tuned, and make plans now to join us for our 11th Music Industry Weekend at Bosch Baha’i School!

Darrell Elmer Rodgers – Coordinator
Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist

Music Industry Weekend 2012 – success!

Our TENTH Music industry Weekend was great!  I want to share some photos with you…

I hope you enjoyed those and will make a plan to join us next year, October 24 – 27, 2013 for the 11th Music Industry Weekend. Subscribe to this website to stay apprised of the plans as they develop, and to keep up to date on our alumni activities.

I will be building an additional scrapbook as time permits and establishing another Flickr site too!

Here’s a couple photos of the “firepower” we had on site

Darrell Elmer Rodgers – Coordinator, Music Industry Weekend
Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist

Weekend Promo Video

Here’s what’s Happening next week:


Darrell Elmer Rodgers – Coordinator
Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist

Our Tenth Annual Gathering

October 25-28 at Bosch Baha’i School – our TENTH annual gathering!
The 10th Annual Music Industry Weekend at Bosch Bahá’í School happens 25-28 October 2012
Starting Thursday evening (or Wednesday evening for early-bird arrivers) and continuing through Sunday noon.


It would be wonderful to have a large number of first-time participants.
Our theme this year, “Affecting Public Discourse on Social Change through Music”, will center on how we as musicians can affect the direction and tone of public discourse on social change. I will be sending out more thoughts on this important theme as the time draws nearer.
This year’s workshop topics include:
DIY video production (Darrell Rodgers),
Touring (Tyler Thompson),
Live Performance (Stephan Fordham),
Stage Presence Tune-up (Alan James) and
Songwriting – in 2 parts (Robert Gillies). (Robert, by the way, has a DEGREE in songwriting from BERKLEE College of Music).
And our great friend Chuck Thrapp will be returning this year to host some song circles in the lounge and we’ll even have a stereo there (I hope) so you can share some tracks with your friends.

Thursday evening’s song circle and Friday evening’s open mic will help us select the acts for out public performance on Saturday Night.

Remember, for you serious jammers out there with some extra time and maybe just a few more dollars in your pocket, we are planning an early arrival Option on Wednesday night, 24 October 2012, for any of you who’d like to spend ALL DAY THURSDAY just playing music together. It will be like a little extra treat in the retreat!
Darrell Elmer Rodgers – Coordinator, Music industry Weekend
Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist

Another Fantastic Weekend!

Well dear friends, we did it again!  What fun we had at Bosch this year, and what springtime-like weather we enjoyed! (almost makes up for some previous year’s rain)

I made a video this morning – a VLOG for my own website ( ) – but since it’s all about Music Industry weekend, here it is for you.

I’d like to point out that my “VLOGGING” skills were acquired at Last Year’s Music Industry Weekend and I just might present some video tips myself at NEXT Year’s event, scheduled tentatively for 25-28 October 2012.  MARK YOUR CALENDAR!!! 

Below are some photos that Deb took. 

You can see more photos on our Scrapbook 6 page  and on our new MIW_2011FLICKR page .

Darrell Elmer Rodgers- Coordinator, Music Industry Weekend 
Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist

Robert Gillies and Darrell Elmer Rodgers radio for help.


Mitko Gerensky and John Armour hatch their blackmail plot!


Drummers like Irwin Anolik don't grow on trees, but IN them perhaps...


Friday night Open Mic was eclectic!


Sunday Morning group photo by Mitko Gerensky

You can see more photos on our Scrapbook 6 page  and on our new MIW_2011FLICKR page  

HERE WE GO! (with more!)

Plans are well underway for a fabulous Music Industry Weekend at Bosch Baha’i School Oct 27 -30, 2011.

This years overall theme is “Distinguishing Yourself” – we are assembling a line-up of presenters to help you do just that. 

At the top of our Presenters “hit parade” is Jon Rezin.  

Jon Rezin is a first call engineer and producer with clientele that reads like a who’s who of the music industry. Starting out in NYC, Rezin cut his teeth recording jazz legends such as Ron Carter, Charlie Persip, Victor Goines. Since relocating to LA five years ago, he has become a much desired vocal producer and engineer. He spent four of the last five seasons engineering American Idol’s weekly studio albums, producing vocals for the Top 12 contestants. He has also engineered projects for numerous labels, producers and artists including Avril Lavigne, Maroon 5, Ne-Yo, and has mixed records for some of the legends of the music industry including Lonnie Jordan of WAR and Carlos Santana.  Jon is currently mixing for Toby Gad (Writer/Producer for Fergie, Beyonce, The Veronicas, and others) as well as writing with Allison Iraheta (American Idol) for her upcoming album. This is in addition to the engineering/production for many well-known Baha’i artists including: JB Eckl, Badasht, Badi, Andy Grammer, Devon Gundry & 
As a compliment to his production skills, he has also developed quite a track-record with web and social media marketing. As a web marketing strategist, he has helped numerous artists, producers and indie labels develop online strategies to get more exposure for their music, improve their online presence, and build their community of super fans. He will be sharing some of the key tools, tips, and strategies in his music marketing bootcamp taking place during the Bosch music industry weekend.
At this year’s Music Industry Weekend, Jon will share his insights on marketing, digital distribution, and more.  If you’re ready to take your music business to the next level, you won’t want to miss this weekend in the redwoods of Bosch Baha’i School! 

But what if you don’t even have a recording yet?  Let me introduce Russ Salton.

For the past 2 years, Russ Salton has provided a portable studio and recorded new tracks for our participants.  He has agreed to do so again this year and we could not be more pleased. 

Russ Salton is a Musician’s Musician.  His guitar improvisations flow effortlessly off his fingers and sound as though he’d been rehearsing them forever.
Russ honed his musicianship in a band called “Friends” in the Los Angeles music scene at its hottest.  After seven years of non-stop ‘entertaining” and striving to get signed by a large record company, Russ decided to move to Seattle; mountains, rivers, green as far as the eye can see…and rain. Now he’s creating music from the depths of his soul with meaningful lyrics, enticing melodies and production techniques from the “old school”.  His musical styles range from acoustic to rock and reggae to R&B.  He still performs shows 2 to 3 times a month in the Seattle area.
 He has recorded two albums of exceptional quality and done so in his own home studio in Gig Harbor, WA.  For his recent “SMILE” CD, Russ chose to use a mastering service in Norway and accomplished that final production step via the internet.  There is nothing in the recording process that Russ does not know how to do, or where to turn for the best help. 
Russ has also helped many other musicians to record their work.  As a result, Russ has become a DIY recording expert with some real insights on getting the most out of home-studio equipment.  Russ owns some of the best technology in that category and will be bringing a portable recording set-up to Bosch Baha’i School this year.  Russ will share his time and expertise to record tracks for those desiring to do so.  Of course, time is limited so we’ll be governing the workload for Russ, but last year Russ managed to record tracks for ten artists and even provided them a CD of everyone’s tracks.  If you have wanted to record yourself, but feel you need some expert help getting started, here’s your chance!

But let’s say that your interest is in Stage Performance.  We will have Alan James to help you!

Alan has been writing songs and performing in coffee houses, bars and   other venues across America since he was   22,   honing his craft under the influence of the likes of Hoyt Axton, Bob Dylan,   Kris Kristofferson, Johnny Cash, Joan Baez, Judy Collins and countless   lesser-known artists and friends all along the road.  
     Now in his fifth decade as a performing   singer-songwriter, Alan has amassed a wealth of experience and insights into   what it takes to capture an audience and hold their attention.  His Performance Workshops have benefited dozens of participants from the novice,   to the seasoned veteran.  He has presented his performance coaching at folk festivals, music conferences, and seminars throughout the Southwest.    Now, he’s a regular on our agenda for Music Industry Weekend. If you’d like   some expert guidance on improving your stage presence and winning the hearts   of your audience, Alan James is your man!

And there will be more than this, I assure you! 

In addition to our Thursday night song circle, and our “open mic” Friday night, we will be putting on a live show on Saturday night, open to the public.  We will feature the nine acts voted as “favorite” by all the participants. And each selected performer will have the opportunity to assemble and rehearse back-up support from among our talented participants.  And we have song-circles in which you can share your own work and get inspired by your friends, old and new.

JUST ADDED 7/30/11:  Jeff Bohnhoff will conduct a DIY recording workshop “Getting a Better Sound”

Jeff Bohnhoff has been a musician for 38 years.  He and his talented wife Maya have been playing music together in bands or as a duo since 1979.   Jeff says: “I first got into using computers for music in 1986.  Back then I was using a PC running DOS.  In 1995 my experience with music software landed me a job doing tech support for Emagic, the company that originally created Logic.”  Jeff became Emagic’s support manager for the United States.  Apple purchased Emagic in 2002, and Jeff relocated to the Bay Area.  He currently works in the AppleCare Engineering division, working with the development, marketing, and support teams for Logic, and other professional media applications.  When professional Recording Engineers with Logic software need help or advice, they call Jeff Bohnhoff.
      Jeff also runs a recording studio, called “MysticFig”. There, he has produced several albums for himself and Maya, as well as albums for other artists.  Over the past several years, Maya and Jeff Bohnhoff have become world renown artists in the “FILK” genre and been invited to perform all over the world, including England in 2008, Germany in 2009, Toronto in 2010, and performances all over the USA.  
       We are delighted that Jeff will share his recording experience with us again this year!

And I am not done with the agenda.  I have several other musicians who have volunteered a variety of  presentations and we’re working out how to best include those we feel most useful.

Let’s not forget however, as valuable as all the imparted knowledge can be, our greatest treasure at the weekend is the fellowship with other spiritually-minded musicians, the friendships, and the future collaborations that follow.

I hope you will be part of this amazing weekend.

Darrell Elmer Rodgers – Coordinator, Music Industry Weekend 
Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist