We did it!  We re-launched as Music Makers Weekend at Desert Rose in Arizona

Well friends, it has been tough recovering from a computer crash. I lost our alumni mailing list. I have tried to re-create it from other records. I’m sure a large number of emails will bounce and I will remove those names from the list.

If you received an email and want to be removed, just reply to sender (me) and tell me so. And I apologize in advance if I have included you erroneously.  If you want me to use a different email address, just reply with new one and I’ll make the change.

We had a great time in Arizona. And we ATE like KINGS thanks the skilled service of our musician-chef Jim Rust. I was impressed with Jim’s abilities before our weekend, but now, I am in AWE. He arrived two days early and we did the shopping and sticking with help from John Armour. After that, with assistance from Brian Taraz, Jim proceeded to amaze us.

As promised, our workshops included:

DIY Recording with Jeff Bohnhoff and Russ Salton, two of the finest producers on our team. They have MUCH experience to share and gave me insights will help improve the quality of my own recordings.  I was spellbound when Russ shared some techniques he had just picked up at a Master Class he attended in London England. It was presented by the great Alan Parsons at Abbey Road Studios. Wow. And I cannot thank Jeff enough for the help he gave me. I learned more about my logic software in 15 minutes with him than I had been able to discover in years on my own.

Songwriting Aids with Maya Bohnhoff. Maya is a writer’s writer. She has techniques for helping you improve your skills and break the mental blocks and getting the Muse in gear!  Her exercise with Alan James was fun to watch as she helped us visualize connecting and communicating with our audience.

Performance Fundamentals with Alan James. Alan has about 55 years experience performing live and his knowledge of the fundamentals of live performance will help you connect with your audience and hold them. Alan graciously conducted his session in the Board Room so our back up band could rehearse with those who needed them.

Our Back-up Band was excellent!  I have had the pleasure of performing with bassist Rick Heyman and drummer Michael Parker for over 7 years now as a trio. I knew their skills would elevate the quality of the Saturday evening show so I asked them to join us. Michael graciously slipped his vacation plans by a day so he could be with us. THANK YOU!!

It all went so well, that I’m willing to try it again! We have tentatively reserved space for the 2016 Music Makers Weekend at Desert Rose Baha’i Institute in Eloy, Arizona on the weekend of 16-18 December 2016.  IF we can get 25 people to COMMIT to being there by August 15, I may be able to expand our schedule by another day – perhaps adding Monday for more music and workshops. What do you think?

Spread the word! Let’s gather in the balmy Arizona desert in December for our kind of fun!



7 Responses

  1. Darrell, the 9th Annual Music Industry Weekend is not listed in the program schedule of Bosch.

    • They are running behind on their web page updates. They are working on it and the registration page too. If you’re anxious to register you can call them at 1-831-423-3387. But for you, that’s quite a long distance call, so I suggest giving them another week.

  2. I would like to attend this event.What does it cost?


    Kimmon Waldruff

    • And we’d love to have you. Please check out the Bosch Baha’i School website (a link is on main our page) for pricing information. The school sets the fee. Remember that this year, you can register for an additional night or an early arrival.

  3. We’d love to meet you! Bring along some of those cigar-box guitars you build. ///Darrell

    • No problem. I’ll also bring some of my drums. I’m excited about this and Oct. seems so far away.

      Right now I’m building for the Live Oak Music Festival. I have a booth on the Art Walk and not only sell but help many kids learn to build their own instruments.

      MadMan Lloyd

  4. Allah’u’Abha Darrell,

    I am interested in attending this as I make musical instruments and have been known to even perform on occation.

    You can see some of my creations on: http://www.cigarboxnation.com/profile/LloydMadManMadansky

    You can not only see some of my creations but hear me on: http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=204002169

    As well as my website.

    Thanks, Lloyd

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