Scrapbook 4

Borna Khavari and Nima Jalali pushed themselves into some serious songwriting for the first time. Welcome aboard fellas!!

Chuck Thrapp performs his “In-Law Blues”

John Armour plays Natice American Flute and Russ Salton lends Guitar support to Alan James singing his “Mother Earth Father Sky”

Robert Gillies from Scotland, by way of Boston, performs one of his excellent tunes.

With Robert Gillies providing Bass, Tyler Thompson of Las Cruces NM rips some fantastic piano blues.

Jordan Rager the Drummer…

…And Jordan Rager the Guitar Player

At the Saturday Night Show, Alan James gets a LOT of help

At the Saturday Night Show, Alan james gets a LOT of help.

Ian McAleece performs some of his unique “video game” theme pieces. His fingers fly!

Russ Salton shares a song with Sena Ghoddosi providing percussion

Walter Heath mesmerizes the audience every time he performs

Faraz Ghoddosi on Sax

Angela Owens performs one of her own pieces

Sunday Morning’s consultation was a bonding experience

That’s a wrap! See you in October 2010!

To See many more photos on our MIW 2009 FLICKr Page Click HERE

Scrapbook 3: 2008

Scrapbook 5: 2010 


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