Scrapbook 10 – MMW 2015 (at Desert Rose)

2015 Music Makers Weekend Photos!  Our first year with a new name and a new venue. These were taken at Desert Rose Baha’i Institute in Eloy, AZ from December 18 through December 20 (a shorter session than usual).  I can truly say we ate like Kings and laughed like Kids. A great weekend. There were about 50 people in the audience Saturday Night.

IMAG0705 - Copy IMG_5018r1 IMG_5017r1 IMG_5012r1 IMG_5004r2-crop IMG_4999-r1 IMG_4997r1 IMG_4996r1 IMG_4995r1 IMG_4993r1 IMG_4991r1 IMG_4985-crop IMG_4982 IMG_4981r1 IMG_4980r1 IMG_4979r1 IMG_4976r1 IMG_4975r1 IMG_4974r1 IMG_4971-cropr1 IMG_4970r1 IMG_4967r1 IMG_4965r1 IMG_4962r1 IMG_4960-cropr1 IMG_4958r1-crop IMG_4956r1 IMG_4954-crop IMG_4953r1 IMG_4952 IMG_4951r1 IMG_4943r1 IMG_4941r1 IMG_4940r1 IMG_4938r1 IMG_4932r1 IMG_4931 IMG_4929-crop IMG_4926r1 IMG_4925-cropr1 IMG_4924r1 IMG_4919r1 IMG_4916r1 IMG_4914r1 IMG_4912r1


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