Scrapbook 1

Here’s a collection of RANDOM photos from earlier Music Industry Weekend at Bosch Baha’i School in Santa Cruz, California.  We had a great time and even learned a few things.

2004 Group Photo

2004 Group Photo

Music Industry Weekend 2006

Music Industry Weekend 2006

Michael Eissinger presents...

Michael Eissinger presents…

Meal time!!



"Sam the Piano Man" Hoebel and wide Debbie from Oxnard CA

They still have teeth!

They still have teeth!

Jim Allen of Sky Valley, CA and Darrell Rodgers in 2006

Alan James entrances the kids with a song of Abie-Yo-Yo!

Burl Bullock belts out "Summertime" accompanied by Jim Allen on bass (in back), Alan James on guitar and yes, believe it or not Michael Eissinger on trumpet.  It was a fine rendition!

Burl Bullock belts out Summertime. Jim Allen (hidden) plays bass, Alan James on guitar and, yes, that’s Michael Eissinger on trumpet! It was a fine rendition!

More photos on the Scrapbook 2 page!!

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