Scrapbook 2


Here’s a collection of photos from 2007’s Music Industry Weekend at Bosch Baha’i School in Santa Cruz, California.  We had a great time and even learned a few things.

Alan James Picking Guitar

Alan James picks out a tune on Thursday afternoon.

Barb Qualls at the Piano


Barb Qualls at the piano.

Darrell sings with Alan James’ back-up

Darrell sings “Rocked in the Cradle” with Alan James adding some back-up.

Zack and Paco

Zack and Paco stepped out of their car and right onto the stage to perform Friday.  Troopers!

Chuck Thrapp and band


Chuck Thrapp started to play and suddenly, he had a new band!  What a treat!

Friends in the Song Circle

Thursday night’s song circle was great fun. Here, Russ Salton shares a tune while Irwin Anolik provides some percussion. Van Gilmer, Chris Ruhe, Kim Bowers and Neshia Farhangi are just “groovin” to it.

Nelson LeDuc shares one of his songs

My old friend Nelson LeDuc shares a love song he wrote – it was mighty fine.

Jordan Sheline

Jordan Sheline was first-at-bat on Friday night


David Hunt sings

David Hunt sings another perfectly crafted song.  What a pro!!

Kim Bowers Sings

Mr. Kim Bowers of “Workshop for the Arts” Sings one

Nelson and Jeff

Nelson LeDuc plays a tune with Jeff Bohnoff on Thursday night

James Partie on Guitar

James Partie shares a tune in the Song Circle.  (He also sings with the Jeffrey Barnes Choir in LA)

Zach Lightcup on Guitar

Zach Lightcup performs on Guitar Friday Night. He’s also a Keyboards man!

The Bohnoffs Friday Night

Jeff and Maya Bohnoff performing Friday night.

The Rashid Brothers

The Rashid Brothers from Afghanistan play some traditional instruments and sing on Friday night.

Jerry York with Back-up

Jerry York gets back-up from Neshia Farhangi and Barb Qualls and David Cedarquist (on bass).

Van Gilmer plays and sings

Van Gilmer (Music Director of the Baha’i House of Worship) plays and sings on Friday night.

Chris Ruhe Belts one out

Chris Ruhe really sings out, with support from Neshia, Russ, David and Irwin.

Darrell presents workshop


Darrell Rodgers (that’s me) presents the workshop on Buildiong your business on the web – content provided by Jarome Matthew.

Barb Qualls and the Boschettes

Barb Qualls performs with “The Boschettes” ( aka Jean T Quinn, Desirae Harp, and Chris C Bauman)

Neshia with Chris and Jerry

Neshia Farhangi sings “freestyle” with music provided by Chris Ruhe and Jerry York.

Dale Ramsdale onstage

Dale Ramsdale sings some original tumes on stage.  (“…and I’m tired of fixin this car…)

David Hunt with Irwin Anolik

David Hunt enjoys the rare treat of having someone else (Irwin Anolik) provide the percussion!

Van Gilmers Plays Piano

Van Gilmer treats us to a piece on the Bosch Grand Piano.

Van Leads Choir

Van Gilmer leads a NEW Choir. (no requirement for “a cappella” here gang, so Hit It Nelson and Irwin!)


The Bohnoffs Sat night

Jeff and Maya Bohnoff perform Saturday night.

Russ Salton and back-up

Russ Salton performs Saturday night with back-up from the fabulous “Boschtones” (aka Chris Ruhe, Chuck Thrapp and James Partie).  Play that harmonica Chris!


Wait!  Is Russ doing a Chuck Berry “Duck-walk”???

Vic Salvo and Zach Lightcup

Zach Lightcup and Vic Salvo – Dueling Keyboards? – nope. Collaboration!

Alan James plays Saturday night

Alan James performs on Saturday night.

Alan gets some help for the finale’

Alan gets BIGTIME help for the Finale’.  That’s our friend James Armfield on the Bongos.

Alan with more of the team

Russ Salton does some lead work on the Group Finale’ “Drift Away”

Darrell Thanks Jordan and others

Darrell thanks Jordan Rager of Bosch (standing) for his fantastic support of our 5th Annual gathering.

Our Group Photo

Our Group Farewell photo Sunday Morning

Darrell wraps it up 

That’s a wrap!  See you next year! (30 Oct – 2 Nov, 2008)

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7 Responses

  1. Allah’u’abha!

    Thanks so much for the plug for my video and greetings to you all from Seattle area! Wish I could come to Bosch some time but life hasn’t made it possible yet.

    David Folks Walker

  2. I’m afraid I can’t answer that question. But this Vic Salvo teaches school in Sacramento, CA. He’s a great musician and has composed some wonderful pieces.


    • Hi Basil- yes that is me- I have been participating in the annual Baha’i Music Industry Weekend at
      the Bosch Baha’i School in the Santa Cruz mountains for several years
      now and I enjoy the environment, the people and the music very much.
      We learn a lot from each other. I have taught a course there the last two
      Hope you are well. I have not been to Westport since
      2004- but I miss it- hope I can get out there before too long to visit Bruce and Richard.
      All the best for now- Vic

    • Is this Basil Salvo from Westport, CT???

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