Our Mission

The Annual Music Makers Weekend

Started as “Music industry Weekend” by RadioNUR in 2002 to foster musical collaboration between Baha’i musicians, recording engineers, and producers, this event has become one of the most memorable weekends of the year for all who attend.

Music Makers Weekend seeks to
1) foster collaborations between and among Baha’i musicians and musicians of similar spirit
2) improve the skill sets of participants in the generation, performance, recording, production, promotion and distribution of music
3) encourage the creation of music that will inspire personal and social transformation
4) help create a new “music industry” that both values and upholds moral integrity

As in past years, we’ll plan future collaborations, and share some lessons learned about songwriting, performing, recording, producing and promoting our musical art.  We’ll explore not only how to make money with our craft, but also how to be more effective as musical performers representing Baha’i ideals.

And of course, we’ll jam a bit too, and perform!  You’ll hear some of the best music coming out of the Baha’i community and meet some fantastic talent. Young and old, country, folk, jazz, blues, pop, hip-hop, techno, all types will be there.  We’ll have “Open Mic” night on Friday giving everyone a chance to perform.  On Saturday we’ll select our nine favorites to perform in a show on Saturday Night for the public. Those acts typically solicit back-up from other attending (WAY more than 9 folks will hit that stage!).

In years past, Baha’i musicians and producers from all over met and collaborated after the weekend on some of the most amazing music.  “Unrestrained as the Wind”, the wonderful and eclectic Ruhi Book 2 music CD, was born at this event.  Perhaps you too will become part of a great musical project after attending this year.

We had a fantastic time last year at our last Annual Music Industry Weekend and we’re sure you’ll have a great time when you join us for the next one, now called “Music Makers Weekend”.  We’ve moved the event to the Desert Rose Baha’i Institute in Eloy Arizona and scheduled it in December to allow many college students then on break to enjoy a musical experience in the desert.

Our sincere thanks to all contribute their time and talents to making the weekend a huge success, particularly the Staff at DBRI.

Here’s a “pdf” of our “Mission Statement”:  MissionStatement-MIW

Below are some testimonials about Music Industry Weekend received from past participants.

I attended the “Music Industry Weekend” for the first time last year. The experience was wonderful. Not only did I meet outstanding musicians who were like-minded in their love for the Faith of Baha’u’llah, I also learned how others were using their talents and skills to promote the Faith, as well as develop methods for personal success in the music business. Using music as a service to mankind was a pervading theme.
— Walter Heath


Music in the Baha’i Writings   mentions as the Ladder to the soul..  and  AbdulBaha reminds us that  if  music  played with celestial mood and reverence  angelic hosts  of heaven gather…  I  enjoy  and admire   from the session of the Bosch that for me it is a  contribution of bounty to  learn  and collaborate between  Baha’i musicians with the same spirit.
Above all   from the overall of some of  my favorite  artists   I  do  observe how  to improve my skill  sets  in generating   supernal performances and production  to teach the   message  of  Baha’u’llah.
Cordially  yours,
Firooz Mohtadi
Recording Artist,  and Performer.

I found the Music Industry Weekend to be a source of inspiration for using music as a teaching tool. It was great meeting other like minded musicians whom I could network with and was definitely a workshop well worth attending.

Mary-Lela GIlbert

PS In 1999 my husband and I went on a travel teaching trip with music as the focus of firesides using voice and Celtic harp. We traveled through out 10 of the Western States, put on 76 musical firesides, in 67 cities over a 10 month period. We saw 6 declarations and planted many spiritual seeds.  I’m hoping sometime in the future to do the same kind of thing through out Europe.


I have been a professional musician for the past 28 years, 22 years of those as a Baha’i. The Music Industry Weekend at Bosch has been a wonderful source of inspiration and collaboration.

I come from a very rural Baha’i community (9 members – all on assembly), The Music Industry weekend was my first opportunity to meet and learn from other Baha’i musicians. After my first workshop 5 years ago, I have included music at all of our local LSA’s, Devotionals, and Firesides. Music opens the spirit and is a vehicle to share the faith. One of the richest parts of the Music Industry Weekend is discovering the way other musicians are putting prayers to song. “Amazing Grace”, “When the Saints Come Marching In”, “Silent Night”, have gone a long way in sharing Christianity with the world. Baha’i musicians and songwriters are going to be the source of our songs that reach the world. The Music Industry Weekend is our chance to gather from around the world and let the light of Baha’u’llah shine through song.

 Chuck Thrapp


 Music Industry Weekend has given me a focus and an outlet for my singing, my love for music, and connections with other artists. At conferences I attend, there is limited time for the artists and musicians to collaborate and really get to know each other well. MIW at Bosch Baha’i School has provided an intimate look at myself as an artist, others with like-minded thinking, and surrounded by the wonderful Santa Cruz mountains, enchanting my soul. Coming from an isolated community with no local spiritual assembly, I bring lessons from past MIW’s into my heart and they guide me all year long, until I can again meet the friends with absolutely amazingly unique talents.

Thank you, for all that you do.

Kyra Layli


Being at the Music Industry Weekend has been a valuable experience for me. I have taken the practical and the inspirational aspects beck to my community and started using music in conjunction with the core activities. I learned songs I use all the time. I was exposed to the art of song writing. I wrote two songs as a result. I also learned some recording tips. Most importantly I got up and performed which was difficult. I have more self awareness confidence and conviction that I can grow in this field. I enjoyed the Music Industry weekends also for the sheer entertainment.

– Chris Bauman


I have attended all but one of the Music Industry Weekend sessions at Bosch. Through my involvement with these sessions, I have met, and collaborated with many other Bahá’í musicians, producers and engineers. To a great extent, the Workshop for the Arts CD “Unrestrained as the Wind” (a CD of quotes from Ruhi book 2 set to music), was an outgrowth of collaboration begun at the Music Industry Weekend. Sessions have covered topics including the place of the artist in Bahá’í community life, how the evolving revolution in the creation and distribution of media can be used by Bahá’ís to promote the goals of the Faith, as well as workshops on improving the musical performance and production skills of the participants. I cannot stress enough how invaluable it is for there to be a regular event like this for Bahá’í musical artists to meet and collaborate. Our understanding of the true nature of Bahá’í art is at best embryonic now. I feel that the Music Industry Weekend has been an important help in my coming to grips with my role as an artist in the Bahá’í community.

With respect,

Jeff Bohnhoff


The most tangible results I have seen come out of a Music Industry Weekend were musical collaborations that made the Unrestrained as the Wind CD possible.  The Unrestrained as the Wind CD solicited song ideas from songwriters around the world to set quotes for memorization from Ruhi Book 2 to music.  Then four Baha’i producers (two of which were recruited to the project during a Music Industry Weekend) proceeded to arrange and develop the songs into finished products, with the help of over 30 Baha’i musicians and a gospel choir.  The explicit purpose of this CD was to aid study circle participants in memorization of the quotations, to showcase the musical diversity of the Baha’i community, and to uplift hearts through the arts.  I think it is fair to say that this CD has achieved all its aims and has been popular among Ruhi Book 2 study circle participants.  Had it not been for collaborations formed at the Music Industry Weekend, this CD never would have been produced.  

Furthermore, I think that the encouragement and connections that the Music Industry Weekend provides to Baha’i musicians, particularly youth, helps to set them on a path of developing their arts in the service to the Faith.  The incorporation of the arts into core activities is an explicit part of the 5-year plan, one that must not be sidelined.  As the Universal House of Justice in its most recent Ridvan letter called for an increase in the quality of study circles, it cannot be forgotten that incorporation of the arts is an important part of improving quality.  It is time for the US Baha’i community to stop treating music as an optional extracurricular activity and to realize that music is indispensable to the growth and development of the Faith.

take care,

Katharine Key