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Irwin Anolik Drummer, Percussionist (String Theorists and 2B1)
B a h i y y i h  Singer, Musician
Jeff & Maya Bohnoff Performers, Producers
Nabil Capillaire Composer, Producer, Sound Tech
Brian Carlson Composer, Arranger
Rich Will Cook Composer, Singer, Guitarist
Jimmy Crockett Pianist, Singer, Songwriter, Performer
Laurie Early Singer, Songwriter, Artist
JB Eckl Performer, Singer, Songwriter, Producer
Michael Eissinger Baha’i Internet Radio Broadcaster, Musician, Historian
Neshia Farhangi Singer, Comedian, Actor, Spokes-model, Radio & TV personality
Mary-Lela Gibert Harpist, Certified Music Practitioner (website on Facebook)
Robert Gillies Songwriter, performer, Scottish!
Van Gilmer Singer, Composer, Music Director for the Baha’i House of Worship
Laura Harley Singer, Songwriter, Life-Coach
Walter Heath Singer, Songwriter – superb!
Andrea Hope Spoken Word, Hip-Hop, Songwriter
David Hunt Folk Singer, Songwriter
Alan James “Cosmic Country” Singer, Songwriter
Katherine Key Singer, Somgwriter
Navid Lancaster Musician, Film composer, Sound Engineer
Matthew Levine Songwriter, Composer, Writer
Caeli Lohr Composer, Musician
Lloyd “Madman” Madansky Cigar Box Guitar builder – making music-making fun!
Larry MaGee Producer, Singer, Songwriter,”Los Nice Guys” and more!
Elika Mahony Singer, Composer, Pianst, artist
Jarome Matthew Producer, International Music Business Consultant
Michael McDermott Baha’i Music Project (for sharing and collabortaion) (now off line)
Tim McLane Composer, Arranger, Producer
Chris Miller (aka mystici9) Composer, Guitarist, Keyboards, Vocals
Firooz Mohtadi Composer / Producer
Phil Morrison bassist, composer, songwriter, World Unity Jazz Ensemble
Zak Mortenson Composer, Arranger -“Intone the Verses”  Creative Word Music
Lani Nash singer, songwriter, Country, Folk, Americana
Angela Owens Pianist, Singer, Composer
Pamaligus Ali Youssefi, Pam Hill, and Gustaff Besungu – Music for the Soul
Harri Peltola Promoter, Producer and Lyricist
Barb Qualls “BBQ” Healing & EasyListening / Gospel / A’cappella
Jon Rezin Music Producer (Small Room Productions and Next Movement Records)
Darrell Rodgers Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist (& Music Industry Weekend coordinator)
Chris Ruhe Singer, Songwriter, Folk, Blues & Jazz,  World-traveller
Russ Salton Singer, Songwriter
Vic Salvo Composer, Arranger, Music Educator
Wendy Scott Singer, Choral Director -“Intone the Verses”  Creative Word Music
Kamal Siegel Modern Spanish Guitar
Kelly Snook Composer, Producer, Recording Engineer, Rocket Scientist!
Andy Sperandeo Arranger, Composer, Musician – Jazz, Rock, Funk, & World Music
Brian Taraz Scripture Rock Musician, Composer, Performer and Actor
Tyler K Thompson Musician, Songwriter, Singer, Piano Teacher
Chuck Thrapp Singer, Songwriter & member of “Sugar Pine”
Ludwig Tuman Composer, Producer, and Writer
Kimmon Waldruff Guitar Player, Singer, Songwriter
Jerry York Singer, Songwriter  Pop/Jazz/Folk-Rock
Ali Youssefi Singer, Songwriter  Pop/Jazz/Folk-Rock

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26 Responses

  1. Allah’u’Abha everyone. I am Navid Lancaster from Trinidad & Tobago. I am a musician/film composer/sound engineer. You can view my website here

    Much blessings.

  2. Andrea Hope. Spoken Word, Hip-Hop, Songwriter I would love to collaborate with other artists. Though I do not sing, I have written several songs and would love do hip hop or spoken words on tracks.

  3. Well, my dear friends, paintings of performers from the recent 2011 music weekend are available at
    Proceeds to go towards a scholarship fund for next year. These pictures can be used personally and for any of your fans to purchase as well. Please DO NOT use commercially without additional arrangements with me, i.e.; performance posters, album covers, etc. Hope you all enjoy!

    PS If you would like a picture of yourself or of someone you don’t see posted, let me know and I’ll see what I can do. If it’s from the weekend ALL profits will go towards the Scholarship Fund.

  4. Hello Darrell,

    I just became aware of your site….what a wonderful
    undertaking! An opportunity to become acquainted
    with the Baha’i musicians and related artists from
    around the world can be so beneficial for many

    Keith Williams/pianist, vocalist, composer, arranger
    and I have a jazz oriented group called World Unity
    Jazz Ensemble(WUJE..woojay) and I am a bassist,
    composer & songwriter. Here are a couple of my
    sites…..please use both or the one of your choice.
    Thank you for your time and good work! phil

  5. Allah-u-Abhá, Friends!

    This site looks wonderful and brings with it a lot of cameraderie, hope, and spirit! Many hours of hard work has gone into this site — and it is greatly appreciated.

    I’m a composer and arranger, setting portions of the Creative Word to music for Feasts, Holy Days, and even Ruhi classes. I’d be thrilled to be considered for linkage to our website.

    I have the great opportunity to work with Ron Lyles and Wendy Scott creating our 3 CDs with matching songbooks of sacred songs set for group devotional singing based on the Bahá’í Writings. Our current “offerings” are “Intone…the Verses of God”, “Singing His Praise on Holy Days”, and “Hymns of Praise!”, with a fourth CD and songbook currently in the pipeline. These plus over 100 other songs are available through our new website:



  6. Thank you for considering adding my site as a link. If you have any questions, please let me know. Thank you for all of your hard work, I am hoping I can attend the next Music Industry Weekend.

    Site info: The Bahá’í Music Project was designed to help people come together from all over the world to share ideas and create Bahá’í related music.

    Thank you,

  7. Hello friends,
    I am a visual artist and educator living in Wisconsin. I write music for Baha’i Holy Writings and have a few songs up on myspace. I am looking for a producer and for musicians who want to use this music as well. Check it out at

    • Brian,
      Welcome! Sorry it took me a while to get you added, but I was away on Pilgrimage. You’re on our list now. Perhaps we will meet at Bosch in October. ///D

  8. Welcome Nabil. I see from your web page that you live on Mauritius. That sure seems inviting this time of year. We’re looking forward to hearing your work in the spring. Be sure to send a copy (or files) to Michael Eissinger at radioNUR. ///Darrell

  9. Nabil Capillaire, composer, producer, sound-tech.. Lots of activities going in the US. I’ve never attended music production workshops in my life, never went to a music school or the like… but people here says that my music sounds cool and i’ve been involved in 15 commercial records since 2005, doing complete musical arrangements, programming, recordings and mixing.. right now musicians around the island are gathering to work on an album of Baha’i songs to be released on Naw Ruz this year…

  10. It was great to see som many of my Music Industry Friends in LA at the Regional Baha’i Conference. I was happy to see: Jamie Finley, Kyra Platte, Dale Ramsdell, Jordan Rager, Kevin Ackermann, Carmel Rohani, Travis Williams, Don Reed, JB Eckl (didn’t he and KC Porter do a fantastic job!), Jean Quinn, Jupiter Lovejoy, Colleen Lovejoy, Jon Rezin and bride Auntieclaire, and also Sarah Taraz and Michael Parker of Tucson who sang with the Jeffery Barnes Gospel Choir. I’m sure there were others but with a crowd of 5600, it’s hard to see everyone you remember, or remember everyone you see.

  11. It will be great to meet another of the Peltola family and to see you again Harri!


  12. OK – like I promised last year that I would do my best to bring my son to the next one – I have already booked and paid his for the weekend as well as registered both of us at Bosch. My own flight schedule remains open, but I’ll get there – u can bet on it 🙂

  13. Since so few folks have used the “Blog” site, I’ve just opened up this page for blogging comments. I hope to see you this fall! ///Darrell

  14. Songwriter/Composer/Writer

  15. Dear Darrell,

    This site looks great and I’d like to offer my humble congratulations on the job you’re doing to attract musicians to this event. If you would be willing to add my web site, its address is given above. Please list me as a Composer, Producer, and Writer.

    All the best,

  16. I am looking forward to attending the Weekend again this year, although I still cannot sing or play any instrument 🙂 To make up for such blatant lack of talent, I’ll do my utmost to bring my son along as well who can. However, if you want to add a link to my music (i.e. mostly my lyrics), you can give me the titles of promoter, producer and lyrics writer.

    With reference to Michael’s comment on the lack of the younger generation of Baha’i musicians, I tried to advertise the Weekend to Eric Picotte-Harper, Andy Grammer and Devon Gundry when I visited them last fall. From my point of view, it would be a great enhancement if we could enjoy performances by the Dawnbreaker Collective (feat. Andy and Devon as well as Tara Ellis, Benny Cassette &al.). I saw them perform at the Baha’i Arts Festival in England last January, and I was thrilled (felt about 30 years younger). Another great act is Bella Canto (feat. Eric). I am hoping to see this one perform at the TwoFest events that Todd Khozein is organizing in Vancouver this month (June). I would love to have both of these bands for a tour of Northern Europe some day.

  17. Good question Michael. I have copied your comment over on the BLOG site. Perhaps some of our participants can offer some good suggestions.

  18. Having missed the last two, looking at last year’s pictures made me really sad to have missed it. There were many incredible musicians, most of whom I have had the pleasure of working with, at some level, over the years. I would love to see them all back, this next year.

    However, looking at the pictures, it appears as if many of the younger artists were absent. How can we get them to the next one?

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