Farewell Vic Salvo

Dear friends, with a heavy heart I ask that you take a moment and offer prayers for the spiritual progress of our dear brother Vic Salvo, who lost his battle with cancer on Tuesday this week. Please also say a prayer for the family’s peace.

Vic’s daughter reports that Vic’s Baha’i burial will be at noon on Monday the 22nd of December at Odd Fellows Cemetery on Riverside Blvd in Land Park, Sacramento, CA, and the Memorial Celebration of his life will be at Klumpp’s Chapel of Flowers across the street from the cemetery at 1:00 pm.

In lieu of flowers, the family invites friends to make a contribution to Composers and Schools in Concert (CSIC) —  Vic served on the board that organization, which is empowering a new generation of musicians and composers:http://www.composersandschools.com

What a skilled and talented man he was! His compositions were gorgeous. And I will always remember with delight the song he wrote based on one of Joseph Sheppherd’s stories “Out with Children, Back in Pieces”.  Vic’s soft and friendly demeanor endeared him to kids of all ages – even those as old as he. I will miss you Vic Salvo.   ///Darrell

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Vic Salvo 2 Vic Salvo 3 Vic Salvo 4 and DER

Vic Salvo c2013

Vic Salvo – Composer, Teacher, Friend. Sep 16 1948 – Dec 16 2014


MIW 2014 Photos posted!

IMG_2966It was a somewhat smaller grew that gathered this year at Bosch Baha’i School.  We were fortunate to have achieved our minimum required registrations a week before the deadline.  But we did it!

With 19 participants, we spent the weekend sharing knowledge about our craft and sharing our musical creations. That kind of sharing coupled with the beauty of the Bosch campus always makes for a wonderful experience.

A few photos of the weekend can be found on our Scrapbook 9 page (see left side of page) and MANY more on the MIWtwelve AtBosch Flickr page (see right side of page)

Again, we want to thank the Bosch staff who worked diligently keep us content. And, as coordinator, I want to thank the presenters for coming and sharing their knowledge.

We are building a trusted-friend network of folks who respect and support each other’s musical pursuits.  But, we’re not sure what will happen next year. Will there be sufficient participation? What can you do to promote the event? Can we do it at Bosch? Should we try Arizona (I have a reservation at Desert Rose Baha’i Institute)?  These questions and more will be discussed on our “blogging site” at  http://bahaimusicweekendblog.wordpress.com/


Darrell Elmer Rodgers
Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist