The Albums are coming! The Albums are coming!

russsalton3And the first is already here! Russ Salton has just released a new album called “The Bear Creek Sessions”, recorded at the wonderful Bear Creek Studio near Seattle (choice of such artisits as Lumineers, Foo Fighters, Fleet Foxes and more).
Russ’ new album offers 13 songs, all exquisitly produced and he’s backed up by some really fine musicians. My favs are “Don’t Go (Talkin That Way)” and “Remember Me”. Get it here:

RobertGillies-Distance artOn the horizon, Robert Gillies new studio album “The Distance” is recorded and ready for launch. Of course, that takes money. So Robert has established an IndieGoGo project to fund the CD manufacture and distribution. His goal includes funds for some contributor rewards, so check out the fund-raising site and see what you can kick in for the launch of his new CD!–2

WGcover6-cropOK, the next one working is my own (Darrell Elmer Rodgers). It’s a total DIY project done right here at my home. I’m calling it “Woodstock Generation” for its first song, which I wrote LONG ago, in 1979. Another old 1979 tune of mine I have revived here is “What’s Goin’ On”, a war protest song. It features a Tenor Sax solo by yours truly. (Yes, I’ve been a sax player since grade school). This album contains 10 social-political songs including recent works like “Die Workin”, “Arizona Time”, and “Enough of These Stones”. Watch for an announcement (and a mini-tour up the West Coast in August) on my website:

JBLest I forget, JB Eckl is releasing a new album, but he’s SPOON-FEEDING it to us 1 song at a time! And so far, each spoonful has been a meal! Check out JB’s new music at

CaeliLohrDo you like electronica and “unusual” music? Caeli Lohr has launched Dog Unit Productions over in England and is turning out some very interesting material. He uses tags like: electronic ambient electronic chillout downtempo and chill. Please check it out at
(you’ll see familar names in the credits: Kelly Snook and Kelsey Bulkin)

elika-interview-processed-cI recently received an email from Elika Mahony over in China saying she too was working on another album (she has about 6 out there already). This one is themed on Detachment. She’s looking for photos of the Ocean she might use as Artwork.  You can read about one of the songs she plans to include, on her website at


LaniNashSummerTourNow, let me introduce you to Lani Nash, a wonderful Country/Folk singer-songwriter from Nashville who is the real deal.  She enrolled in the Baha’i Faith just a couple years ago and has already so beautifully expressed Baha’i-like concepts in her new album called “One”. Please check it out at

That’s some news I’ve been menaing to share. Please consider contributing some funds to Robert Gillies’ IndieGoGo project. I’ve heard the new album, and IT’S SAWEEEEET!!

There’s some new info on the Updates page. Please have a look! (we’re having some Sing-Along Training!)


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