Let’s Talk Videos!

Our 2012 gathering will be “The Year of the Music Video” with at least one significant HOW-TO presentation on Making our videos better!

Our Friday afternoon “CD listening party” has gotten way too big.  So this year, we will instead have a “Video Review” where we’ll show selected music videos made by the participants and submitted by IN ADVANCE (so we can cue them up and go through in rapid succession).  Then, at the end, we’ll discuss what we liked best about each video and what we would do differently next time.  We’ll be looking for good ideas.

Next, I will present an overview of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Music Video production and share some tools and tips I’ve learned over the past couple years.  I’ll talk about camera angles, lighting, audio synch, and other embellishments that impact (good or bad) the appeal of our videos.  The goal is to come away with ideas of how to either 1) get started, or 2) get better! – with very little investment!

How does that sound to you?

I hope you’ll join in the fun. If you’re coming to Bosch in October, send me a link to one of your videos and perhaps we can use it for our session.  And if YOU have some great video-production tips to share and would like to present a 90-minute workshop on it, send me a short description of what you want to share.  Tell me SOON because I’m building the agenda now.

Now don’t worry, we’ll still do all the other great things our Weekend is famous for – song circle, open mic, our public show, and jamming.

And if you’re thinking “I don’t have any video equipment or software”, well, you just might be surprised at what you can do with very little investment.  Here’s a “Video Web Log” promoting our weekend that I shot (mainly) using my phone!

Darrell Elmer Rodgers – Coordinator, Music Industry Weekend
Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist