February Greetings!

Happy  Black History Month, Ground Hog Day, St Valentine’s Day, President’s Day and Ayyam-i-Ha too.  Not to mention the big dates already passed in January (like New Year’s day and Martin Luther King Day)

So much has transpired in the month and a half since my last post, i’m not sure where to begin, and I am sure I will omit something. But I’ll do my best with the aging gray cells I have left.

Robert Gillies won another Songdoor songwriting contest. And he won a TopBlip contest and opened for Andy Grammer.
Tyler Thompson is on the road with Up With People
Chris Ruhe played with Peter Yarrow (Peter, Paul and Mary)
On a visit with Chris, Chuck Thrapp met and sang with Pete Seeger.  Chuck and his wife Roz toured the Eastern USA and had a great time
Several alumni are back in School.  Faraz Ghoddusi is almost a doctor.
Kelly Snook went around the world with Imogen Heap for shows in India and China.
Katherine Key went into the studio and recorded an album.
Alan James has been hanging out at the Hideaway and will come perform in Tucson in March.
Ali Youssefi moved to Haifa (back in October) and has done some shows there.
Angela Owens is moving to JAPAN at the end of February!
Jon and Auntieclaire Rezin have added a BABY SON Anis to their family repertoire!
JB Eckl and Katie, and kids, relocated to Chattanooga, TN where JB has teamed up with Eric Dozier to set some hearts aflame with their new Badasht II album (with production work by Jon Rezin)
Chris Miller moved to Sacramento.
Devon Gundry and wife Golriz are becoming TV producer-stars – SoulPancake TV on the OWN – and they are producing a baby soon!
Elika Mahony produced an instrumental piano album called “Glimmerings”.
Gustaff Besungu is touring with Munireh Sparrow.
Russ Salton, now visiting Peru, has been performing around the Seattle area and recorded some tracks with Kyra Cash.
Kyra Cash and husband David are going to have a baby! (no, not from recording with Russ.  stop that)
And Chana Rae Johnson is ENGAGED!
Van Gilmer announced the new SACRED SONGS V CD recorded “Live” at the 5th Annual Baha’i Choral Festival held in May 2011 at the Baha’i House of Worship for the North American Continent.
As for me, I’ve been real busy putting to use some of the knowledge I gained at our last Music Industry Weekend.

For instance, I finished my funny video “ROTFLMAO – the facebook song” but after talking with Robert Gillies, established revenue sharing for YouTube Advertising. Then, before publishing it, I took Jon Rezin’s advice and established a Vibedeck Digital Download site for selling digital downloads of my music. Vibedeck links easily with Facebook and Youtube and Soundcloud and provides html code for embedding players into webpages – And It’s FREE. All sales are transacted through Paypal.  After a little research, I discovered that Paypal will offer business accounts a “micro-payments” option that reduces the fees on small purchases to 5% + 5-cents on each transaction.  So the “overhead” cost of a 99-cent download is only a dime.   Now, I have links to my Vibedeck “Music Store” on my Website, my YouTube videos and my new Facebook Musician/Band page.

And I learned all of this at Music Industry Weekend!

Of course, my biggest news is that on New Year’s Day, I became an official Grandpa (after having looked like one for years).  Here’s Emily Rae Langness.  She weighed in at 7-lbs and has grown now to 9-lbs which at her age is a good thing.

Send me any news you’d like to share, or just post a comment.  And tell your musician friends about Music Industry Weekend !

Darrell Elmer Rodgers – Coordinator, Music Industry Weekend
Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist