2 More Presenters Added

I’m pleased to announce the addition of two more presenters to the Music Industry Weekend agenda:

“A Minimalist Approach to Songwriting” with Chris Miller

Chris Miller:  Presenting a workshop on “A Minimalist Approach to Songwriting”  where he will share some of his own techniques for “starting down a road while avoiding the ruts”.
Known also by the moniker “mystici9”, musician Chris Miller started playing guitar at around 15 years old.  In the 70’s he played with the musical groups “Dayspring”, “Talisman”, and “Caravan” in Northern California. He pioneered with his family to the Caribbean and then on to Guyana, South America for 13 years where he played with several groups including “The Carmel Minstrels” and “Arise”. It was while there, during the Holy Year,1992, that he met JB Eckl and Errol Haynes, and they decided as their personal teaching project to “Emblazon the Greatest Name” with reggae music. Hear “The Reggae Project” and other personal songs such as Dawn Prayer and Aspire at his website at http://mystictracks.com.
Equally loving drums, flutes, and keyboards he often writes with one of them or the other.  He works with Reason5/Record software along with gear from Line 6 Alesis, Korg, Alvarez, Epiphone, and his main love; a handmade T. Haruo 6 string.  He is open to collaborating with others on any projects. 

“Front Porch Strummin’ song circle” with Dale Ramsdell

Dale Ramsdell will be shepherding our “Front Porch Strummin” song circles in the lounge are of the Lodge.  These sessions are for anyone who might be uncomfortable with performing before a large group but still needs to share their music. We have found the lounge to be a perfect setting for these informal song circles and Dale is a great choice to lead the session.  Dale Woodbury Ramsdell was born on the Yankton Sioux Reservation in South Dakota in 1953.  He has been playing at guitar and songwriting since the age of fourteen.  Dales says: “I grew up raisin’ hogs and hell, got tired of both, and became a Baha’i in 1980.”  “Music”, Dale says,  “is a way of letting the heart speak.  We are all instruments in Baha’u’llah’s band, and Abdu’l- Baha is the Maestro.  Sing as though He’s in the room, cuz He is!” 
I hope the participants will enjoy Dale’s down-home nature as much as I do – and be sure to get him to perform his “Tired of pushing this car” song.  It’s a hoot!

Darrell Elmer Rodgers – Coordinator, Music Industry Weekend
Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist