Fast Times – Updated

OK, here’s a “digest” of some of the “investigative reporting” work I’ve been doing.  That means I’ve been perusing your blogs for news to share with the MIW alumni.  Some of you don’t have, or haven’t updated, your own blogs.  Tsk, Tsk.  Jarome and Jon have told us how beneficial it is to have a blog as part of a cohesive “web presence”.  In the meantime, you could just send me an email with news to share here.

Robert Gillies– UPDATE    
Rob’s in Nashville for a bunch of seminars and meetings with songwriters and publishers (lucky dog). He’s released a “Live In Montreal” EP with six tunes.  Also, check out his Folger’s Coffee jingle with his friend Dana Wells – It’s great!

UPDATE! THIS JUST IN!  Visit Rob’s KICKSTARTER page   to join his supporters as he raises the funds needed for his album. 

Tyler Thompson: – UPDATE
Tyler reported that New Mexico Magazine will be reviewing his CD. He continues to perform and his on-line tip-jar still needs support. Spread the word.  UPDATE:  Tyler has applied for a scholarship, so say some prayers and if you can, please kick in a buck or two because every dollar helps!
UPDATE:  Tyler has applied for a scholarship, so say some prayers and if you can, please kick in a buck or two because every dollar helps!

Me (Darrell Elmer Rodgers)
March 11 was the mid-point in the month of the Fast.  In Casa Grande, we celebrated with a “Half-Fast” Party. (hehehe)  I debuted a new novelty song, just for Baha’is called “Fastin’ Time”.  I finished producing the video and uploaded it to YouTube.  You can see my handiwork at Eissinger – it includes a “plug” for radioNUR)

 My BIG news of the month is this note from the selection committee of the Tucson Folk Festival:
“Congratulations! The Tucson Kitchen Musicians Association is pleased to invite Darrell Elmer Rodgers and Rick Heyman to perform at the 26th Anniversary Tucson Folk Festival.  You are scheduled to perform at 5:00 PM on Sunday, May 1st on the Plaza Stage in El Presidio Park.”
The Plaza stage is the main venue of the Festival and seats about 2000 people and the performances there are broadcast in Tucson on KXCI radio.  As Rick said, “We’re gonna have to rehearse for this one!”

Chris Ruhe wrote and said: Happy Fast, Big Darrell!  Kimmon Waldruff and I are working on a summer teaching tour.. we want to go West.  Alert possible hosts… love to you and Deb…   chris  ——- OK all possible hosts, Chris email is

Jarome Matthew: -UPDATE
Jarome makes me so proud to know him.  He and Felisha are persevering in the face of some tough times.  He writes:
“Our lives were thrown into chaos early December when an electrical fire forced us out of our home.
Luckily I didn’t lose any of my work, and a lot of the studio equipment was ok, and so was little Evan & all of us, so that made it possible to rebuild our lives.
I’ve actually been quite busy here since living in Beijing China.  I’ve been working on some cool projects, one of the most interesting being Mikey Dee and Miss Melody’s fusion of western downtempo electronic with poetic traditional Chinese folk music.  The two shouldn’t work well together, yet under the moniker ‘Mobidextrous’ they’ve somehow create something very cool and unique and are breaking new ground here in Beijing and worldwide.
The first track I produced, mixed, and did a lot of the sound design for is called ‘Huan’ which is a poetic account of being lost in the big city, where ‘even the wine glasses are drunk with excess’ ”

You can see a video for it on Jarome’s blog which has some great footage of Beijing

UPDATE from Jarome: “By some miracle of God, I’ve been proposed enough projects to pay for the new studio and allow for the re-building of our lives here and even upgrade my gear. Amazing! The friends here have been supportive
beyond any experience in my life, both emotionally and financially. Their return will be 2 new Chinese Baha’i albums this year 🙂 ” 

Laura Harley:
Laura is enjoying life as a MOM.  She wrote: It was so sweet watching Daniel experience his first “walk” (outdoors).  He felt the sunshine on his little face and, at first, he closed his eyes to keep out the bright light.  Then he slowly opened them as he adjusted to the light and discovered he liked the sensation.  He looked all around as we walked and even “talked” with me a little as he saw different things around him and breathed in the fresh air. 
… how often do we (adults) take a moment to really process how important these (new, first) experiences are?
Watching my baby today made me want to bring some of that awareness and curiosity back into my life. 

Alan James:
Alan’s performing in and around San Diego.  He just played a “Cozy Cottage Concert” on Saturday, March 12th in Ocean Beach, CA   He’ll be performing for “George Morgan’s Tuesday Night Jams” at Hernandez Hideaway, in Del Dios, CA (7:30 – 10:00 PM).   And he says there will be “a batch of new recordings soon as I’m satisfied”.  (Shooting for March, probably April )

Van Gilmer:
Van is attending the National Convention of The American Choral Directors Association.  But he’s getting ready for the Fifth Annual Baha’i Choral Music Festival in Wilmette at the end of May.

David Hunt:
David took a break from his musical ventures but announced that you can once again buy CDs and individual songs, this time through CD Baby. “They’ve got the Earth and the Eagle in stock, and I’ll be getting a supply of the Live at Erica’s CDs to them within the next couple of weeks.”

Larry MaGee:
Larry has a new blog!
He posted: “I just finished writing and recording a song called “Who Are We?” using one of Rumi’s mystic poems as the lyrics. I have written a second Rumi poem song that should be recorded in a few weeks. Another Ruhi Book 6 song, “The Victory”, was added. A song called “Surrender Chant” can be found here or at the “Baha’i Sacred Writings” menu option at

Jon Rezin:
I love the new look of his website!  Check it out:

Phil Morrison:
Phil recently posted a video of a piece the Phil Morrison Trio did live in concert, called “Blues for T-Bone”.  I enjoyed it.   It was recorded live at the College of Coastal Georgia on February 16, 2011  in honor of Black History Month, using a Flip Video camcorder. I might have to get one of those Flips after all!

Barb Qualls:
I connected with Barb on Facebook and she said: “I’m going to be the musician for the Women’s Spiritual Retreat at Louhelen the end of April, so I’m busy getting ready for that.”

JB Eckl:
JB Eckl and wife Katie enjoying their brand-new son Gabe. I imagine number one son Sam is enjoying a baby brother too.

Brina: –UPDATE
Brina, the “better half” of Keiran Murray in Jamaica announced th Global Digital Release of her Double A Side Single.   Brina writes: “My songs ‘Listen’ and ‘Real Reggae Music’ taken from my forthcoming debut album are now available for download from major global digital retailers.   If you don’t have a credit card or an iTunes account, don’t worry, you can also download the songs from Bandcamp at where the songs are available for a limited time for ‘pay what you want’

Chris Miller (aka mystici9): – UPDATE
Speaking of Reggae!  Have a listen to Chris Miller’s Reggae Project tunes on his website under the Download Tab. Chris has done a superb job of weaving some oustanding bluesy guitar licks into his Reggae sounds. I really love “Everything to Gain”.  Chris has promised some more exciting news in the near future.

Elika Mahoney: – UPDATE
Elika writes: “I’m so ecstatic to share our latest song with you: Eternal Beloved!  It has been over 2 years in the making so you can imagine how thrilled I am.  I’d love to hear what you think:
If you’re in the mood and would like to write a review for Eternal Beloved on iTunes, I would really appreciate it.  Here is the link: ”
In addition to other new songs, she is also working on an instrumental CD.

Of course, we’re all praying fervently for the friends in Iran, throughout the Middle East, and Japan.  The world is in turmoil dear friends.  But we have the vision of great things to come.  Keep your head up (as Andy Grammer sings) and spread the good news!


Darrell Elmer Rodgers
Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist

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