A Wet Weekend but what Magic!

Music Industry Weekend 2010 was another magical event!  Each year a new mix of participants brings a new kind of Magic.  My thanks to the 30 musicians who took part!

The early-arrival option was a great idea (thanks Alan!).  By the time I arrived Thursday afternoon, the music was already well underway.  And what a cast of Characters!  From our youngest musician Nate, to our “most senior” Alan, with at least one “Madman” along the way, the mix of interesting people, each with their own style of music, made the weekend a real feast!   We made some new friends and re-connected with old ones and the music and laughter and lerning was all fantastic.

Our discussion session on Songs of Social Conscious, led by Chris Ruhe and Robert Gillies was stimulating and demonstrated that we musicians have made a contribution to Social CHANGE throughout history.  I expect to see some real action-inspiring music coming from this team in the coming year.

While everyone there was stellar in their own right, I was taken by our first-time participants who I hope will come again next year.  Richard Cook from the Seattle area has “broken the code” on setting the sacred writings to Music.  I really enjoyed the musicality of his work.  And when I saw Phil “Philharmonica” Malberg, from Pullman WA, wail on a harmonica fixed to the end of a long 2-by-4, I almost fell over!  What a great sound he makes!  And Jimmy Crockett, a piano-playing singer from the Sacramento area, can really jazz up some Rythm and Blues.   I also met Lydia & Jorge (Lydia Mills & Jorge Tapia) a musical couple from Albany, CA who perform some of the best Latin American Music I’ve heard in a long time – such energy!  We met Kimmon Waldruff from Virginia who is a full-time Guitar payer, sing songwriter back there.   And Siraj Parmer came from Houston Texas with his lovely wife Rasheeda.  What a treat to watch him play those drums with such unbridled joy!   Lloyd “Madman” Madansky showed us a thing or two about joy as well.  His home-made cigar-box guitars are something to see.  He had a twelve string built from a wine box and a two-string bass with a crutch for a neck. Amazing.  Our youngest participant was Nate Charles, 16-years old.  Nate kind of got “roped” into coming by his friend DeeDee Jensen.  He said he didn’t know any complete songs he could play all the way through, but by the end of the weekend, with the help of Chris Ruhe and Russ Salton, not only could he perform one completely, he had recorded his first track ever!  That’s progress.

And progress is what it’s all about.  Our weekend sessions taught me somethings I can use to improve my recordings (Thanks Jeff Bohnhoff!) and start some video promotions (Thanks Robert Gillies!).   Other folks appreciated Alan James’ performance workshops and of course Russ Salton’s recording session (which produced about ten tracks).   We had song circles (Thanks Chuck Thrapp), an open mic, and a big show with a lot of good jamming in between.  I really appreciated the insights of my fellow songwriters at our “roundtable” session.  Richard Cook said “I find it’s when I work hard that inspiration comes”.  Wow. It reminded me of something Ruhiyyih Khanum once told me: We’re given tasks because we’re capable (not because we’re worthy).  Increasing our capabilities so that God might bless us with more inspiration – that’s why we do Music Industry Weekend each year.

Next year is scheduled for October 27- 30, 2011.  I’m sure we’ll try to get that “early arrival” deal worked out again too.  Mark your calendars and make a plan to be there!

Here are a few photos Deb took during the weekend.  I’ll get them all on Flickr soon.   Come be part of the fun in October of 2011!

Darrell Elmer Rodgers
Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist



Register Now!!

The time has Come!

Here’s the direct REGISTRATION link: http://guest.cvent.com/d/sdqvc0
OR you can call Bosch at  (831) 423-3387 or Toll-Free (800) 894-9718 or email bosch@usbnc.org

I’ll see you Thursday!

Darrell Elmer Rodgers
Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist

2 Weeks to Go!!

Hey There Folks!  Less than 2 weeks remain before this year’s Music Industry Weekend, 21-24 October 2010!
Registration is OPEN and you can do it on-line.  And remember – you have an “early arrival option” thanks to Jordan Rager who has arranged for those pre-registered to arrive at Bosch on Wednesday evening (20 Oct) if desired.  There will be a small additional fee so be sure to look for the option when you register. 
Here’s the direct REGISTRATION link: http://guest.cvent.com/d/sdqvc0
OR you can call Bosch at  (831) 423-3387 or Toll-Free (800) 894-9718 or email bosch@usbnc.org.
I’m happy to annouce that Chris Ruhe will be with us again this year. Chris has been traveling and performing lately with the legendary Pete Seeger (see our “Updates” page for a great photo). They recently spearheaded a campaign for the environment in New York.  Chris and Robert Gillies will be leading our discussion on “Songs of Social Conscience” where we will exchange ideas about songwriting and performance to positively influence our society.
This corresponds to a theme set forth Mr. Paul Lample’s book: Revelation and Social Reality.  Specifically, “creating new patterns of action” for effecting positive social change.  I know some of you are already doing just that in both your songwriting and your performances, so our Friday-morning discussions should be very insightful!
Remember to SHARE this website   https://bahaimusicweekend.wordpress.com with your musical friends so they too can find information about this year’s gathering (and that picture of Chris Ruhe and Pete Seeger on the Updates page).
LET’s NOT FORGET to tell our musical friends that there will be much time for JAMMING and Music collaborations! 
And, you can start early and jam all day on Thursday before the program begins!  Alan James will be there Thursday morning to kick off the jams!
 NEWS FROM YOU: (please see the website Artist Links page for links)
 Walter Heath has launched a CD project as a fund-raiser for the Shrine of the Bab “roof tile resorations”.  He’s going to prduce about 19 musical renditions of the sacred word and have a first CD of 9 by the Birth of the Bab, and a second CD of 10 by the Birth of Baha’u’llah! You can download his tunes for $1 each or buy a two-CD set for $25.  Walter’s wife Barbara is running a half-Marathon and seeking pledges to go to the Shrine restoration. Those who can contribute to these fundraisers can write a check for one or the other or both.  Make checks payable to Baha’i Fund of Simi Valley, earmarked Walter/Barbara SOTB fundraiser, and mailed to: the Heath’s at 2478 Orangewood Pl. Simi Valley, CA 93065
Jeff and Maya Bohnhoff , following the release of their “Grated Hits” CD, have posted to You-tube several videos orchestrated by their wonderful parodies fans of “Star Wars” and fans of “Lord of the Rings” shoould check out their You-tube channel at: http://www.youtube.com/user/mysticfig  Jeff tells me that the “Midichlorian Rhapsody” video, that has had 409,352 views in only 1 month, also shows links from over 27,000 Facebook pages as well.  That’s “going viral” in a great way!
Did you hear?  Our beloved songbird Kyra Layli is getting married (in about 8 days!)!  We’ll all be able to congratualte her, and perhaps her new hubby David Cash, this year at Music Industry Weekend!  (Bring him Kyra!  He’s got to meet the “other family”!!)
Happy Birthday to Irwin Anolik – it will be great to have you as “Duty Drummer” again this year.  You other drummers:  Come on and join us too – Irwin’s old now, he’ll need a break! (hahahahaha!)
Happy Birthday to Bahia Farahi – former Director of Bosch when Music industry Weekend started 8 years ago.  I just visited her last week and performed for her fund-raiser birthday party.  She’s looking great and doing well in Arizona.
I’d also like to share YOUR news, so send me an email with news I can share.
AGAIN, I have two requests. 
The first is for anyone coming who has a decent digital video camera, to PLEASE BRING IT!
The second request is that each of you promote this event via your personal email contacts and social media and with your musician friends who might share our “spiritual awareness”. 
 I’m looking forward to seeing you in October!!  


Darrell Elmer Rodgers
Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist