Registration is OPEN!!

This year’s Music Industry Weekend, 21-24 October 2010,  is going to be another great one.  I’ve heard from several of you about your hopes and plans to attend this fall.  My sincere thanks to all of you who provided those “testimonials” that became part of our proposal to be considered an official “Bosch Program”.  

And we ARE!!  And On-line Registration is OPEN!   

Here’s the direct link:  

I understand that if you register EARLY, you can save 10-percent!

We will focus our attention this year on the themes set forth Mr. Paul Lample’s book: Revelation and Social Reality.  Specifically, we will explore “creating new patterns of action” for effecting positive social change.  

To that end, in addition to our annual CD Listening session (where we hear samples of each other’s work), we’re bringing back the “Show and Tell” Session Friday morning that was so well received last year. For those that were not there last year, this exchange of personal history, hopes, and dreams gave us each deeper insights into our colleagues’ individual and collective aspirations.  It was a real “bonding” experience.  This year, with our focus on social transformation, it should yield even greater insights!  

And we’ll have a group discussion called “Songs of Social Conscience” where we’ll share ideas on how we can improve the world through our music!  In that regard, here’s a quote from Mr. Lample’s book that we will discuss within the context of songwriting: “Insights from religion cannot be thrust arbitrarily into the discourse of a particular discipline”.  We will ask ourselves: Is this true for Music? (this may be related to Michael Eissinger’s musical category: “implicit Baha’i”)  

And OF COURSE, there will be much time for JAMMING and Music collaborations!  In fact, if you are so inclined, you can start early and jam all day on Thursday before the program begins!  Jordan Rager has arranged for us to arrive at Bosch on Wednesday evening (20 Oct) if we so desire.  There will be a small additional fee so be sure to ask about it when you register.  

Our workshops will include two new topics this year:  Lloyd Madansky will be showing us his cigar-box guitars and how he builds them.  That should scratch any musician’s arts & crafts itch! Robert Gillies will be presenting a workshop on Do-It-Yourself Videos. He’ll share his own techniques for economical video promotion   Our workshops and presenter list looks like this:
Lloyd”Madman”  Madansky – Cigar Box Guitars!
Chuck Thrapp –Front Porch Song Circle (in the Lounge)
Robert Gillies – Basic DIY Videos
Alan James – Performance Workshop
Russ Salton – Recording Sessions
Jeff Bohnhoff – The Art of Mixing
Alan James & Darrell Rodgers – Songwriter’s Roundtable

 Now, I have two requests. 

The first is for anyone coming who has a decent digital video camera, to PLEASE BRING IT!

The second request is that each of you promote this event via your personal email contacts and social media and with your musician friends who might share our “spiritual awareness”.  Even though the Bosch Website will feature information about our Music Industry Weekend, as you know, we have our own website RIGHT HERE at   So share the link!!  

Darrell Elmer Rodgers
Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist