Greetings and Updates

Greetings Music Industry Weekend Alumni!

We’re still on for this fall:  Oct 21-24, 2010 with a specially-priced early arrival” option for Wednesday night (20 Oct) for those who want to spend all day Thursday just playing music among the redwoods.  Since Wednesday is a Holy Day (Birth of the Bab), there will be no one working at Bosch that day so eat a big dinner before you arrive (it must last you until Thursday lunch), but The Amazing Jordan Rager (Bosch Assistant Administrator and super-hero of our weekends) will be there Wednesday evening to get you into a cabin for the night.  That way you can start the jams in Martha Root Hall on Thursday morning and be musically acquainted before we officially begin Thursday evening.  You can contact Bosch ( ) to ask about costs etc. since there are different rates for the different types of cabins.    Bosch Baha’i School:  (831) 423-3387   or   (800) 894-9718 or Email Bosch at:

I want to put in a plug for our dear Scottish brother in Boston, Robert Gillies who is in an on-line battle of the bands right now.   By the way, Robert recently won the Grand Prize in the Songdoor International songwriting competition.  Here’s what you can do:
1) Go to:
2) Click on the stars that appear under Robert’s name
3) click “count my vote”  – (OK go ahead and listen to his song first just to feel confident.)
They won’t let you vote more than once from the same IP address (I tried), but with enough of us voting we could help Robert and his band win some cool stuff (including Logic Studio) 

I’ve been using a version of Logic myself lately.  Over the Christmas holidays, I purchased a new iMac and some Logic software and a PreSonus Firestudio Project interface box (for the Mics).  Russ Salton, Jarome Matthew and Jeff Bohnhoff, have been instrumental in getting me Mac-Equipped.  I thank you again my friends.

I’ve recorded two songs with the new stuff.  It’s a world of improvement over my old equipment but it will take me more time to learn the ropes.  One of those songs I wrote to illustrate Joseph Sheppherd’s forthcoming book on Slovakian Folk Legends.  He asked me to write 10 songs, one per chapter as he writes the book.  One down, 9 to go!  Now, I need to find someone with transcription software (or buy Sibelius myself) in order to turn my tunes into sheet music for publication in the book.
Alternatively, do you know of another, perhaps less-expensive piece of software that can transcribe recorded sound into sheet music??

Laura Harley has done it again – produced another great song!  You can download “Plaything” from Laura’s website  (for free at the moment!).  She has also posted the lyrics and her philosophical view of its inner meaning.  Like the great Sufi poets of old, Laura has used words of human passion to convey a spiritual message.  Good Job Laura!!

Jarome Matthew is the producer on “Plaything” and it has been a long-time in the making.  Great work Jarome!  Jarome also produced some new music from Elika Mahony    Do yourself a favor – visit her site and listen to some wonderful music by our very talented Baha’i sister in China. 

Jeff and Maya Bohnhoff are heading to Toronto, Ontario for “FilKONtario 20”, April 9 – 11, 2010.  Jeff and Maya are the Guests of Honor at Ontario’s Science Fiction and Fantasy Music Convention.  They will be promoting their new Parody album “Grated Hits” (It has a great cover).   And, If you have not yet heard their album “Mobius Street” you are in for a treat. Check it out at: Mystic Fig and go to the CD Baby link.

Katherine “Kat” Key  has been exercising both her musical chops and her teaching work, combining both talents into musical presentations of the Baha’i Faith.  Kat says it’s a musical introduction to the core activities, so it’s great support for an ongoing IPG.  I heard great things about two shows in the Washington DC area (the Baha’i Center and Tiny Planet Studios) and heard that Kat will be presenting the show in Houston this weekend.  Go Kat Go!

Neshia Farhangi is spreading her creative wings all over the place these days.  In addition to her radio show, she’s been doing stand-up comedy, making movies, and singing her own original songs at different venues in L.A.  Way to go Neshia!

I’m wondering if Jon and Auntieclaire Rezin are parents yet. (???) (it will be their “first release”!) Their new venture (aside from parenthood) is  Have a look and a listen.


Darrell Elmer Rodgers
Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist