2-Month Count Down!

The 7th annual Music Industry Weekend at Bosch Baha’i School is fast approaching!  October 22-25 is just 2 months away, and it looks like it will be another fabulous weekend of Music and sharing ideas.

Thanks be to God that He has once again protected our beloved Bosch Baha’i School as fire once again threatened the area. 

We have some new stuff brewing for this year’s festivities.  Jarome Matthew is working up a workshop on video promotion.  We’ve got Lloyd “Madman” Madansky  coming this year and he’s bringing along his unique “arts and crafts”, Cigar-Box Guitars.  He’ll even show you how to make one!  Of course we’ll have our Performance Workshops with Alan James and some extra song circles with Chuck Thrapp for those who just need to play and sing, and Russ Salton and I will contribute a workshop or two as well.

But we’re still open to suggestions!  Do you have a topic you’d like to present?  Let me know.  I can’t promise a slot to everyone, but we’ll certainly give it every consideration.

On-line registration at Bosch is not ready for us just yet, so check out this website  for updates as the time draws nearer. 

And share this news with the musical friends in your area.  I’m hoping to see some new faces joining our weekend crew this year October 22 – 25, 2009 at Bosch

 Darrell Elmer Rodgers
Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist


 PS – I’m starting to hear from a number of you and that’s great.  Let’s get this ball rolling!

Here’s some news gathered from several of our collegues:

Jeff and Maya Bohnhoff are going to be performing in Germany in October.  Maya, who is also a succesful Science Fiction writer, will also be appearing at the World Fantasy Convention.  And the musical couple will be honored with an award by the Ohio Valley Filk Fest 25 this fall. (“Filk” is the music genre of Science-Fiction/Fantasy/Folk that Maya and Jeff do so well)

B a h i y y i h (Bahbahani) is embarked on a tour in Canada called “Live To Sing, Sing To Live” and is really excited about it.  She’s touring with her friend Beth Southwell.  Check her site for dates.

Barb Qualls (aka BBQ) is in the final stages of re-releasing “The Victory” as a CD. Originally sold as a cassette back in the 80’s, it¹s mostly the Writings (like King of Days), only this time, Barb has included some back tracks so folks can sing along.

Brian Taraz (This American Nation video) has just produced another CD called “Revelation Number Nine” – this one is Baha’i Scripture Acoustic Rock and it’s GoooD.  He’s also put out a collection of older “greatest hits” he calls “CoeXist”.  I enjoyed his “CD Release” show at the Tucson Baha’i Center.

Chris Ruhe regrets that he won’t be joining us this year, but he’s going on Pilgrimage – a worthy reason not to be at Bosch!  Chris, who lives in New York’s Hudson River Valley, just told me he was playing again “with old Pete Seger” just a few days ago.  Lucky boy.

Jarome Matthew who WILL be with us again this year has been busy producing music for Bahiyyih, Monty Cantwell, and Elika Mahony for whom he’s also working on a video. He’s also producing a DVD video for Medieval Times in Europe

Darrell Elmer Rodgers – Yep, that’s me.  I will be performing Sept 12th in Glenwood Springs, CO for the annual commeroration of Abdu’l-Baha’s visit to that town back in 1912. If you haven’t heard the samples of my latest CD “Plain and Simple” check out my site and follow the links.

Matthew Levine  has just been notified by the Lehman/Engel Musical Theater Workshop in New York that he made the first cut of all applicants and will be granted an audition on September 8th.  Please Pray For Matthew’s Success!  He has also put links to his a cappella sheet music on his website: 8 of them are free; the other two have links to the publisher’s websites where you can purchase them.