4th of July

It’s upon us!  Indepence Day, the 4th of July!  That grand American celebration commemorating the birth of our nation.  It’s a nation still being born I think.

The Baha’i National Center’s Office of Communications has just posted a 4th of July message on the national public website and they have included the video for “This American Nation”, the rock version of Abdu’l-Baha’s Prayer for America, that was recently produced by our own Brian Taraz.  You can see the article and video at http://www.bahai.us:80/Prayer_for_America_music_video

Now what’s wonderful to me is the fact that Brian’s music now has been used by the National Spiritual Assembly to promote the Faith.  What a blessing.  Friends, I have known Brian a long time and this endorsement means a lot. No one renders writings into Rock n Roll like Brian Taraz.  And frankly, he has endured some ridicule from people who could not seem to feel the spirituality in his music.  But I know his musician friends sure felt it.  Andnow the NSA has chosen his work for publication on their own site.  What this says to all Baha’i Musicians is “keep writing and singing and performing from your own heart” for once you have given that heart over to Baha’u’llah, it will produce music that will touch other hearts as well.   We need music of all genres in order to reach people of all backgrounds.  Congratulations Brian!

In our Nation’s Capitol it was the end of “independence” for Kelly Snook.  She and Caeli Lohr got married on June 20th!  In a performance at Tiny Planet Studio, (and acompanied by our own Devon Gundry), with many friends around them, They SANG their vows.  Katherine Key posted a video on Facebook.  It was the ultimate “duet”.  Congratulations Kelly and Caeli!

Up north in Canada, Jarome Matthew is moving.  I’m not sure where, but he’s been hard at work selling off things, including his house!  Good luck to you Jarome, wherever you land.

Elika Mahony has just recorded a new song called ‘The Rose of Love’ sung in English and Chinese for her upcoming Chinese spiritual album.  Elika, you do quality work!

And another one of our alumni has recently been quoted, or perhaps I should say “published”, in the American Baha’i Online edition.  Following the regional conferences, musician, composer, arranger, and opera singer Neson LeDuc wrote a poem called “We Gather Together Again”.  It draws parrallels between the regional conferences and the confernce of Badasht held 160 years before.  You can see it at http://tab.usbnc.org/contentpage.aspx?id=20892&LangType=1033 – you’ll have to log in with your Baha’i ID and last name.  Nelson’s poem is at the end of the article.  I’ll be dashed, that’s a fine poem!

Folks, I’m really looking forward to this years gathering.  I miss you all and can’t wait for a musical reunion.  Please make your plans to join in the fun this year!  

Darrell Elmer Rodgers
Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist