June Update

Hi gang,
It’s getting a might warm here in Arizona.  And as if Tucson wasn’t hot enough, Deb and I are moving to Casa Grande which is 60 miles closer to Phoenix and about 5 degrees hotter on average.  But, we helped save an Assembly and ended up with a huge house in the bargain.  I will finally get a studo! I know that the Guardian told Bill Sears “We make no bargains in the Cause of God”, but I swear, Baha’u’llah cut me a pretty good deal. (You can see a picture of the house on my blog at http://darrellsongs.com)
On to the news…
First, if you have not yet done so, please see Jarome Matthew’s blog at
and read how he and Felisha have been refused adoption because of their membership in the Baha’i Faith!  And get those prayers rolling NOW!!
I recently received a couple messages from Bahiyyih up in Vancouver BC, Canada who wanted us all to know of her new website and upcoming tour.  She writes:
 I appreciate the email. I came to the MIW at Bosch in 2004. I have been wanting to come back ever since!
I’d love it if you posted my new website up next time you update the MIW site. It’s:
Thank you so much and please keep the updates coming!
DER: and she also writes:
Dear Friends and Supporters,
… I have a number of shows coming up which I hope to see some of you at. Just visit my reverbnation site for all the details.
My new cd “Take Me Home” is completely recorded now. The next phase is editing the tracks and working on the cover. I hope to release it this fall at a cd release concert in Vancouver.
I am planning a tour to the Okanagan with my friend and colleague Beth Southwell (
www.myspace.com/bethsouthwell). This is planned for mid-August and details are forthcoming.
Have an excellent week and thank you for listening.

DER: I also received a nice note from Baha’i Musician Chris Miller who lives near Bosch in the San Jose area:

Hey Darrell:
Just thought that I would drop a line.  I have seen your picture at a few sites, Badasht and Bosch.  I live in San Jose not far from Bosch. I  would like to go to the next one there.  Just thought that I would drop you a note inviting you to listen to a few of my tunes.  I also have a myspace page (hopeless self promotion)  myspace.com/mystici9.  Spread the good news and keep the love coming…
Chris aka mystici9
ps I also wrote a few lines about the emerging art form at Badasht website.  Perhaps a workshop could be developed for the next  Bosch session.
 DER: Chris’ mention of the Badasht site is a good one.  If you haven’t been there yet, be sure to check it out soon at:

Here’s a note we received from our dear friend Dale Ramsdell:
Hello Darrell and Deb,
   You have been on my mind.  Its great that you were on Pilgrimage.  I just received confirmation for July 2010.  I went in July 2001.
   In response to the seven imprisoned in Iran, I recently wrote a song, which I played for three AyamiHa parties and a Ruhi class. 
Everyone was saying to record it and some youth came forward, one of whom is a young lady who sang back up choral type vocals, which accented the song very well.  The other young man said he wanted to put it on YouTube, with a slide show background.  He and his father are working on that now, I understand.
Living  for  Baha’u’llah by Dale W. Ramsdell

DER: Well friends, here it is:
Looks like Van Gilmer has pulled off another FANTASTIC Choral Music Festival at the House of Worship in Wilmette again this year.  So many friends are still buzzing about the enjoyment of the weekend – as well as the work.  Looks like the prominent message brought home to the participants was “The director is always right”.   The prominent message delivered to the population in the Chigcago area then must be “Baha’u’llah is the new director”  –  Great job Van!  You make us all proud to be Baha’is.
Read about it here (I just received these links via email from the National Center:

Following is a story about the concert with more information and some photos: http://bahai.us/2009_choral_festival.     Be sure to read this glowing review of the concert posted on the “Ageless Northshore” website: http://ageless-northshore.com/bahai-choral-music/.

 We are pleased to announce that even more people will be able to enjoy the music this year, even if they weren’t able to attend the concert. Comcast cable television subscribers in Cook County, Ill will have the opportunity to watch an hour-long broadcast of the choral concert at 7:30 p.m. on four consecutive Mondays: June 8, 15, 22 and 29.  (If you are a Cook County, Ill resident and Comcast subscriber, check Comcast to see which channel – either 19 or 35 – provides local programming in your area.)  For those of you who are not Cook County Comcast subscribers, we’ll let you know when we make it available on Youtube.

I will look for it on YouTube! 

I got a message from Lloyd “Madman” Madansky:
Allah’u’Abha Darrell,
I am interested in attending this as I make musical instruments and have been known to even perform on occation.
You can see some of my creations on:  
Thanks, Lloyd
DER: I’m looking forward to meeting Lloyd!  You certainly seem like my kind of guy!
Lloyd will likely bring along some of his delightful cigar box guitar (CBG) creations for us to see and try!

I think there is no more prolific promoter of Baha’i musicians on Facebook than Harri Peltola.  Almost daily, Harri shares links to some great performances by Baha’i musicians.  We’ve added a spot on the Music Industry Weekend page for  “Harri’s Picks”  (hope you don’t mind Harri!) so you can see some of the talent that Harri promotes on Facebook.  Our first is Tara Ellis – what a voice! 
But here’s a little extra that Harri shared.  Louie Shelton is “Da Man!”
Louie Shelton Interview:

 Part 1

 Part 2
REMEMBER:  October 22-25, 2009 Music Industry Weekend at Bosch Baha’i School.  It’s our 7th Annual gathering!!


Darrell Elmer Rodgers
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