News from You…

Howdy folks! 
    I hope you are well and happy and planning to return to Bosch Baha’i School this fall (22-25 Oct) for the next Music Industry Weekend.
     Here are some news items from our music weekend community:
    I have just completed my Folk-music CD called “Plain & Simple” with bassist extrodinaire Rick Heyman, here in Tucson.  Rick and I just did a warm-up show at our Baha’i Center in preparation for performing on Sunday at the Tucson Folk Festival – an annual event that draws thousands.  We’re stoked.  I put samples on my website
    Laura Harley’s new book and companion CD is on-line! (
    Elika Mahony has a song in the semi-finals on “Our Stage” ( In fact, this morning her song “Earthly Plane” is ranked Number 1 in the New Age/World Category.
    Jeff and Maya Bohnhoff have been officially announced as Guests of Honor for FilkOntario 2010! ( Maya says: “We is jazzed!”) In case you didn’t know, “Filk” is the genre name for Science-Fiction/ fantasy-related music. It’s quite a niche market for Jeff and Maya.  Maya also has a Sci-Fi book (Coruscant Nights III: Patterns of Force co-written with Michael Reaves) at #16 on the New York Times Bestseller list!
    Ali Youssefi has a new CD just released call “Flight” (as Harri Peltola points out, that’s the third Baha’i Album by that name – but Ali surely has done it justice)  Gustaff Besungu, precussionist, is part of that effort and says he is “Feeling Better, though not at Full power”
   Bob Bassett and son Brendon Bassett (now also a “dad”) have released their “Shades of Love” CD.  It’s on CD Baby
    Jarome Matthew has taken a number of trips to China where he recorded some interesting traditional instruments and Chinese performers. 
    Andy Gramer is kicking butt and taking names (musically of course) all up and down the east coast this week.  His dad Red Grammer is also traveling all over the country.
    And Kelly Snook has a surprise up her sleeve.



Darrell Elmer Rodgers                                   
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