News from you…

Well, it seems many of our colleagues are getting really busy lately. 
Laura Harley has just published a BOOK and a companion CD no less!  Check out her site at
Jarome Matthew has been in China – a couple times.  Visit to see some photos of his work recording some musicians there playing traditional instruments.
Russ Salton has released his new CD: SMILE!  I have it.  It’s GOOD. Congrats Russ!  You can start here: some samples.  Russ says: “I’m also putting together my website & updating my Cd Baby account with the new cd (15 songs).”
Neshia Brathwaite Farhangi, has a radio show and writes: This week I did something a little different.  I did an entire show as a Public Service Announcement for the Baha’i’s in Iran.
My Guests are Dr. Nazy Zargarpour (Writing Coach), Gary Bulkin (Emmy-Award Winning Director), and Farhad Sabetan (Spokesperson for the Baha’i’ world community)  And my musical guests are Sandy Simmons (singer), and Jamie Findlay (guitarist).  Please send me your comments on this show.  If you missed the broadcast please log onto to to listen to see some of the video. And log onto to watch the complete video.”
Dale Ramsdell is producing “Spiritual Springtime” – a CD of many of his original Baha’i-oriented songs.  I think it’s almost ready for the presses (right Dale?)  Meanwhile, there’s a slide-presentation video for one of Dale’s songs.  Check it out at:
Matthew Levine is busy these days.  He writes:  “I recently revamped my website which now contains three pieces, including two prayers I did with my son Andrew, that are not available at the other outlets of my music. Go to:
Congratualtions to Michael Eissinger for completing that Master’s Degree.  And congratualtions also for 17 years of marriage! (Happy anniversary)
Darrell Rodgers (that’s ME) has just teamed up with bassist Rick Heyman in Tucson and they have been selected to perform at the upcoming Annual Tucson Folk Festival. Darrell Elmer Rodgers and Rick Heyman will perform at 6PM, Sunday 3 May on the Museum Stage.
Wait! There’s more!  Alan James of Del Dios, CA, has ALSO been selected for the Tucson Folk Festival.  He will also perform on the Museum Stage but on Saturday, 2 may at 5PM.  By the way, Alan is also presenting one of his famous Performance Workshops at the 2-day Festival.
Here’s some older news from around our community.  Feel free to send me any news you’d like me to share in my next edition…
FROM:  Brian Carlson –
Hello friends,
I am a visual artist and educator living in Wisconsin. I write music for Baha’i Holy Writings and have a few songs up on myspace. I am looking for a producer and for musicians who want to use this music as well. Check it out at 
FROM: Brian Taraz – 
The song is called “American Nation” 3 mins. that will have you up and dancing!  Free download. Free video.
Trust me – give it 30 seconds and if it don’t hook you let me know. is the link to the video. is an audio site where you can hear the song on your desktop and download it for keeps for free if you love it.  Search “American Nation”
Spread the word!
Its time for the love revolution!
FROM: Elika Mahony –
Comment: (about Devon Gundry’s “Armed” video)
This is an amazing video, much respect to Devon and Justin for spreading the word this way! I blogged about this song and posted my own version here:
The Power Of Thy Name by Elika Mahony
Strings composed by Jarome Matthew and Farshid Samandari
FROM: Jarome Matthew –
Elika just released Birds Of Love, a unique product and her first with the writings as well as non Baha’i lyrics.
and from Elika: “I’m very pleased to announce my brand-new website, featuring a section with music and photos for my new CD and book gift set, Birds Of Love!   Birds of Love is a treasury of uplifting words and inspiring songs specially created for weddings, anniversaries and an ideal gift for your loved ones.
(I just received this info about the Baha’i Music Project (for sharing and collabortaion)  This could be a great resource for us to exchange files for long-distance collaboration!)
FROM: Michael McDermott
Hello Darrell,
I am starting to work with a few people to get them set up to record and begin on some song collaberation.
Thank you for your interest, if you have any other questions or have any suggestions about the site please let me know.
FROM Darrell –
If you have not yet checked out http://badasht.netplease have a look.  JB Eckl and Eric Dozier have colaborated with Dean Kaylan (and likely some other folks I don’t know about) to create a musicians’ and artists, networking site.  It looks really good.  I plan to spend some more time there if I can kick my new Facebook addiction!
I was excited to learn that Matthew Levine and Jon Rezin are collaborating on a song (perhaps more).  I’m looking forward to hearing the final mix of “Forgive Me Lord” – watch for it!